humans are so cute, when we say goodbye we put our arms around each other and to show we love someone we bring them flowers. we say hello by holding each other’s hand, and sometimes tiny little dewdrops form in our eyes. for pleasure we listen to arrangements of sounds, press our lips together, smoke dried leaves, get drunk off of old fruit. we’re all just little animals, falling in love and having breakfast beneath billions of stars

this is my favorite post

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The pride in his eyes in that last cap

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Landmarks across the globe are illuminated blue to celebrate the birth of the royal baby - 22/07/13

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 Dolce & Gabbana’s jewelled catwalk hair 2013-2014

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This is a real panda
China has this “panda diplomacy” and this one will be sent to Japan as an friendship envoy. For the safety reason he sits as a passenger with his feeder, not in a cage. Fastening the seat belt, wearing a diaper, eating bamboos

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me getting snacks for the turn up function


me getting snacks for the turn up function

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Mom: Home in 5 minutes, hope you’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer

Me: image

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lemme hold your crown babe.


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